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How do you stand out in a world that’s been flooded with advertising? Every single minute 600 hours of video content is uploaded. In a split second your audience decides if your message is relevant or not. We strongly believe that humanizing your brand and creating authentic content is what will help get the desired attention.

Every brand needs a strong narrative. Sending a message that touches the heart and is easily remembered. Told by a face and voice they trust. And that’s what Models at Work Casting is obsessed with. Finding the right people to tell your story. Every. Single. Time.

Models at Work Casting has a high-quality portfolio of professional and experienced models with fresh looks, charismatic personalities and great work ethic, who we believe will excel in conveying your brand story in a credible way. Whether you are looking for models for your social media campaign, brand movie, collection presentation or TV show, we know exactly how to find the best models to help you achieve your objectives. Making that best match possible is what gets us up in the morning. And that’s what gets you better results.

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We are always looking for new models! We’re not fixated on the traditional beauty standards when it comes to height, shape and size. But we do look for that sweet spot of having a fresh look, great personality and knowing how to work the camera.