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Meet Ada

Height 1.59 | Bust 84 | Waist 67 | Hips 89 | Size 34 | Hair Red/Brown | Eyes Grey/Green
Style: Contemporary

Meet Ada, a talented and athletic professional dancer. Ada grew up in Italy and left her family in the far south of Italy when she was still a kid to join the national ballet academy in Rome and has lived a kind of Gypsy lifestyle ever since. In between studies, she spent a month at the national ballet school in Cuba and fell in love with salsa dance, which has become her second passion. With a high school degree in her pocket, she decided to move to the Netherlands and join the Artez University of Arts in Arnhem. Ada graduated as a contemporary dancer and joined the state theater in Mainz, Germany. After a couple of years, Ada moved back to the Netherlands and started working as a freelance dancer around Europe. We have come to know Ada as a true professional with a kind, outgoing and artistic personality. Ada discribes herself as the least Italian “Italian”. Amongst others because her accent is not that strong and her favourite pizza is Hawaii! Don’t tell her parents… Good to know; Ada speaks Italian and English fluently.