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Meet Barbara

Height 1.75 | Bust 79 | Waist 60 | Hips 90 | Size 34 | Hair Dark Blond | Eyes Green

Barbara was born on the exciting island of Hong Kong and moved to the Netherlands as a young child. Barbara has extensive experience as a model and knows how to inspire the photographer. Her look, experience and upbeat personality makes her a welcome member on set. Barbara has also some experience as a stylist and worked for Scotch & Soda amongst others. She would describe her personal style as casual with a chic edge. She always love a good pair of jeans with a t-shirt or oversized blouse, but also likes to save up for more exclusive items. We would describe Barbara as social, outgoing, cheerful and kind. Her social skills especially came to fruition when she started her studies in Marketing & Communication. Barbara is always up for for a new challenge and is curious at heart. At the moment she has submerged herself in the world of cryptocurrencies and even follows a class so she can learn everything there is to know. Fun fact; Barbara has a celebrity crush on Paul Walker. Her parents took her to the movie ‘Fast & Furious’ years ago, which she didn’t want to see at all. But you guessed it, after she saw the movie she absolutely loved the concept and imagined herself as Mrs. Walker!