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Meet Caitlin

Height 1.77 | Bust 95 | Waist 75 | Hips 105 | Size 40 | Hair Dark Brown | Eyes Brown

Human behaviour is what fascinates Caitlin most, especially when people behave differently from the rest of society. To learn more about this subject she decided to follow a study in Interdisciplinary Social Science. On the side Caitlin loves to model and to work on her own jewelry webshop, which is her pride and joy. Cailtin is someone with her heart in the right place and who is always kind to others. Fun fact: when hearing Buena Vista Social Club’s song ‘Chan Chan’ playing, you will instantly see her with a smile on her face. Same goes for great food and dancing. Caitlin really loves to dance and also had a bachelor’s degree in Dance from Lucia Marthas, Institute for Performing Arts.