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Meet Chiana

Height 1.75 | Bust 88 | Waist 71 | Hips 98 | Size 38 | Hair Brown | Eyes Blue

Chiana is a tough girl with a big heart. She’s a true go-getter and not afraid of getting her hands dirty, which makes her liked both on and off set. Creativity is a big driver in the life of this fashion-minded beauty, hence her studies in Allround Styling. Chiana is determined to set up her own creative branding agency one day. With her strong personality, great work ethic, endless energy and positive attitude, we think she will definitely succeed. Besides her modelling jobs, Chiana also works as a graphic designer. In her spare time she loves to work up a sweat while destroying the punching bag during her kickboxing lessons. Good to know; Chiana speaks English, Dutch and German.