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Meet Chiel

Height 1.92 | Bust 96 | Waist 84 | Hips 86 | Size 48 | Hair Blond | Eyes Blue

With his strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and sharp jawline, Chiel has a striking appearance. Although he hasn’t a lot of experience as a model, he definitely feels comfortable in front of the camera. He also has some experience with acting and presenting and secretly dreams to stand on stage one day as a stand-up comedian. Chiel is a people person pur sang. He’s sensitive to group dynamics and has strong empathic abilities. Great qualities to have on set, but also in relation to the field of study he choose. Chiel is working hard to get his degree as a teacher for primary school. How Chiel’s friends would describe him? Loyal, hardworking and someone who never gives up ons the ones he loves, even when things get difficult. Good to know; besides Dutch and English, Chiel also speaks German.