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Meet Claire

Height 1.67 | Bust 81 | Waist 69 | Hips 83 | Size 34 | Hair Brown | Eyes Brown
Style: Contemporary, Urban

Claire’s love for dance started at a young age, in particular ballet. Claire did a preliminary training at Codarts and is in the midst of finishing her bachelor’s degree at the AHK in the direction of Modern and Urban dance. At the moment she’s doing an internship at Scapino in Rotterdam and this summer she’s ready to pursue her dream to make a living as a professional dancer. Claire strongly believes in cherishing every moment of your journey and keeping a pure and honest point of view. Working hard with a creative team that inspires each other to get the best out of every moment is what drives her. Besides dancing, Claire also has a great passion for food with a weird obsession for mango. She lives a vegetarian lifestyle and loves to blog about it. Good to know; Claire speaks Dutch and English fluently.