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Meet Denzel

Height 1.88 | Bust 108 | Waist 86 | Hips 99 | Size 52 | Hair Brown | Eyes Brown

A creative soul, full of energy, honest and with a positive outlook on life. That’s what Denzel is about. He has great passion for music and expresses this in his DJ gigs. Denzel likes to combine urban, house and eclectic sounds into a sexy mix and already had the honour to play at Lowlands Festival, one of his dreams come true. His creativity also shows in his artwork. He loves to paint and draw and when he creates he completely loses track of time. Denzel  has a fascination for history, philosophy and nature. At the moment he’s working hard to get his Arts and Culture master degree. What Denzel would change if he’d run the world? An equal income for all citizens of the world to stimulate creativity, knowledge and mankind’s well-being.