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Meet Hajo

Height 1.91 | Bust 106 | Waist 86 | Hips 106 | Size 52 | Hair Dark Blond | Eyes Green

Hajo has been working in the modelling industry for a while now and has experience both locally as well as abroad. He sees it as a great job to combine with his education, as he studies Psychology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).  Although it has nothing to do with his studies, he is crazy about photography and dreams of making a living out of it at some point in life. Hajo is also gifted musically. He plays the guitar, the piano and can also sing. He’s a great fan of the Beatles and thinks John Lennon was arguably one of the most creative artists who’s ever lived. We would describe Hajo as someone with great work ethics and who is friendly, relaxed, masculine, confident and adventurous. Fun fact: Last year he bought a car in Chicago to drive through The United States and see where the wind would take him.