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Meet Julia

Height 1.74 | Bust 89 | Waist 71 | Hips 99 | Size 36 | Hair Brown | Eyes Green
Style: Latin & Urban

Julia is in her element when she’s on stage. Dancing is one of the most important things in her life and she decided at a young age that she wanted to try to to make a living as a dancer. Julia is an allround dancer and is specialised in Jazz, Commercial and Latin. She has a bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts at the Lucia Marthas Academy and  is also certified to work as a dance teacher. At the moment Julia works as a professional dancer, which she loves to combine with modelling work. She’s already had the honour to work with choreographers such as Lloyd Culbreath, Anthony Burell, Koen & Roemjana and Denden Karadeniz and also works for G-star as a model and a dancer, amongst others. Julia started working for our hospitality division at age 18 and soon became favourited by many of our clients. Julia has an upbeat personality and is social, hospitable, disciplined and always brings her A-game. Good to know; Julia speak Dutch and English fluently and speaks German well.