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Meet Laura

Height 1.67 | Bust 84 | Waist 66 | Hips 96 | Size 36 | Hair Brown | Eyes Brown

Laura has been part of our Models at Work family for over ten years now. Her experience, talent, intelligence, loyalty and warm personality makes her loved by many of our clients. Although she has her university degree in Philosophy and Ethics, she still prefers freedom over a desk job. In India she learned to become a Yoga teacher and combines this work with modelling, working for TV and for the hospitality industry. Besides Dutch and English, Laura also speaks a bit of Spanish and German. Good to know; you can also book her also as a hand model. Fun fact: Laura practices the ‘Wim Hof method’. Yes, that also means laying in a bath full of ice. Laura lives on a house boat and totally loves to start her day by diving into the cold water- even in the winter.