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Meet Linda

Height 1.67 | Bust 78 | Waist 64 | Hips 89 | Size 78 | Hair Blond | Eyes Blue/Grey

Linda is the entrepreneurial type. She already has years of experience as an actress and model, which is what inspired her to pursue a career in fashion photography. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Media & Entertainment Management she followed a couple of courses in Photography and Styling and recently opened her own photography studio in The Hague. Linda is a creative soul with an infectious positive outlook on life, which shines through in everything she does. She’s the type of person who brightens the room when she enters and it’s not for nothing that both our clients and our other models love to work with her. Other words that define her; social, professional, sincere, structured and multilingual. Linda speaks Dutch and English fluently, German and French on a good level and Spanish on a basic level. Fun fact; tidying up a mess in someone else’s life is what gives her great pleasure. No matter if it’s a house, a company or in someone’s head.