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Meet Lizette

Height 1.73 | Bust 83 | Waist 64 | Hips 91 | Size 36 | Hair Brown | Eyes Brown

Lizette has a positive spirit and is someone you can have a great laugh with. She always tries to see the positive, even when going through a difficult time. The moments she feels most alive is when she can make someone laugh. Lizette has a lot of experience as a model and combines this work with her study History. She loves working for the fashion industry and has become a great advocate of sustainable fashion and tries to promote smaller sustainable clothing brands when she can and is more selective when purchasing new items. Lizette speaks Dutch and English fluently and a bit French, German en Italian. Her ultimate guilty pleasure? Definitely bad reality TV and YouTube drama, like Real Housewives, The Kardashians, Geordie shore – the worse the better.