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Meet Marijn

Height 1.89 | Bust 101 | Waist 80 | Hips 89 | Size 50 | Hair Dark Blond | Eyes Green

This architect in the making is working hard at getting a master’s degree in Architecture at the TU Delft. Creativity runs through Marijn’s veins and he totally feels in his element with a camera in his hand or behind a computer, visualising new concepts and designs. Another one of Marijn’s talents is hospitality. He loves to help others, make them smile and make their day. He knows like no other how to represent a brand with his strong looks and energy, enthusiasm, social skills, intelligence and great work ethic. Marijn started working for our hospitality department a couple of years ago and it’s not for nothing many of our clients love to work with him. And so do we. Fun fact; Marijn enjoys to ride motorcycles and knows how to play the guitar.