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Meet Marlies

Height 1.76 | Bust 83 | Waist 64 | Hips 91 | Size 36 | Hair Dark Blond | Eyes Blue/Green

Marlies not only loves standing in front of the camera, but also working behind the camera fits her like a T. She runs her own studio in fashion photography and dreams to expand to a larger communication agency in the future. She is convinced that her positive spirit and light-hearted personality will help her achieve her goals in life, whether they are big or small. This born entrepreneur still loves to combine building her company with modelling, in which she has loads of experience. Marlies feels best when she’s photographing or cleaning up (yes, she is super tidy). Our clients love to work with her as she is very socially skilled, always acts as one would expect of a professional and knows what ik takes to get the desired result.