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Meet Maxime

Height 1.74 | Bust 84 | Waist 68 | Hips 98 | Size 36 | Hair Blond | Eyes Blue

Maxime grew up in a close-knit family in a small town. Her upbringing reflects in her personality as she is caring, loyal and warm hearted. Maxime has an upbeat personality and is always up for an adventure. Some would say that the word ‘no’ doesn’t exist in her vocabulary and that she lives by the philosophy of ‘a deal is a deal’. This mentality is what makes her loved by many, amongst others our clients! She’s fairly new to the modelling business, but the talent is definitely there. You can book her as a hand model as well. Maxime’s fascinated by the divided world we live in, for example the gap between rich and poor and how we are privileged by the country and family we grow up in. Theses might seem like heavy topics, but she like to discuss them and debate them open-mindedly with others. Fun fact; Maxime sometimes has the feeling that she was born in the wrong age as she’s secretly a true sixties girl. The fantastic music, Elvis, the clothes and cars and a lot of dancing a is what she sometimes dreams of.