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Meet Melissa

Height 1.67 | Bust 00 | Waist 00 | Hips 00 | Size 36 | Hair Brown | Eyes Brown
Style: Urban & Contemporary

Sports and dance run like a thread through Melissa’s life. After getting her bachelor’s degree in Performing Dance at the Lucia Marthas Institute of Performing Arts, Melissa started working as a professional dancer. She’s intrigued by the versatility of the dancer’s body on a functional and aesthetic level and always challenges herself to apply everything she learns to become a better dancer. Sharing her pasion for sports and dance with others is when she feels best. No matter if that’s on stage, in front of the camera or in the classroom. We have come to know Melissa as a socially skilled and hard working true professional. All in all a great addition to your crew on set! Good to know; Melissa speaks Dutch and English fluently.