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Meet Mozher

Height 1.88 | Bust 90 | Waist 75 | Hips 98 | Size 48 | Hair Black | Eyes Brown

Mozher has a positive outlook on life and always wants to play his part in making the world a bit better. Whether it’s contributing to a positive vibe on set or working on reducing his carbon footprint. Mozher has a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion, so you can imagine that fashion plays an important role in his life. Mozher sees fashion as a reflection of your personality. He doesn’t like to confine himself and the world we live in into labels. But if he has to, he would describe his style as edgy, clean, minimalistic and modern. Although he loves fashion and modelling, his biggest passion in life is music. He loves to spend every minute of his spare time to music. And whenever he feels upset, music is there to instantly soothe him.