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Meet Myrthe

Height 1.74 | Bust 86 | Waist 68 | Hips 98 | Size 36 | Hair Brown | Eyes Green/Grey

Myrthe is a special soul with an incredible story. As a teen she contracted a severe form of (undiagnosed) Lyme disease. She ended up in a wheelchair because she was unable to walk and her organs started to shut down. Despite all the efforts of her doctors, treatments didn’t work and at one point her medical team basically sent her home to die. With nothing to lose she started an alternative route which paid off. To the surprise of her doctors, she slowly started to improve. Within a couple of months she was able to take her first steps, which motivated her to continue her holistic path. Within a year she was her old self again. Motivated by her own story it felt as her calling to help out others in their path to optimal health. She now has a master’s degree in Health Science and works as a health coach in fitness and nutrition. On the side Myrthe loves to model in order to keep things balanced. Myrthe is warm, loving, kind and full of positivity. Not only does the camera love her, so do we and our clients. Inside and out!