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Meet Myrthe

Height 1.73 | Bust 82 | Waist 65 | Hips 87 | Size 34 | Hair Brown | Eyes Green

As a curious soul Myrthe has always had a fascination for discovering the undiscovered. This started when she was little. She loved to submerge herself into the world of mystics and fantasy. She even secretly dreamt of becoming an elf. Now, as a grown woman, she still feels the desire to pierce through the undiscovered and to unravel mysteries. That’s why she’s chosen to study Criminology. She’s intrigued by the psychological aspect of crimes, especially the more serious cases. She truly wants to reveal what drives the behaviour of criminals. Her curiosity to see life through other people’s eyes reflects in her modelling career as well. She’s a chameleon in front of the camera and has extensive modelling experience in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Myrthe is warm-hearted and has a natural talent to make others feel at ease and cherished; one of the many reasons she’s well-liked on set. Fun fact; Myrthe is learning how to speak Mandarin.