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Meet Naigel

Height 1.75 | Bust 93 | Waist 76 | Hips 93 | Size 48 | Hair Black | Eyes Brown
Style: Contemporary & Urban

When Naigel was little, he couldn’t sit still and noticed at a young age that dancing was a great outlet for his boundless energy. He decided to follow his boyhood dream and pursue a career in dance. After getting his bachelor’s degree in Dance Arts at Fontys, his dancing career had a flying start. He performed for shows such as The Voice of Holland, Toppers in Concert, Mel C, Televizier-Ring, The Masked Singer and more. During his work as a dancer, he also discovered a passion for casting work, from modelling to small acting jobs. Naigel is all about positivity. Taking on every challenge with an open mind and pushing boundaries is what drives him forward. Open communication and honesty are some of his core values, which contributes to him being liked by many. Naigel always brings his A-game and knows how to contribute to a great vibe on set. Good to know; Naigel speaks Dutch, English and Surinamese fluently.