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Meet Nathalie

Height 1.75 | Bust 86 | Waist 63 | Hips 92 | Size 36 | Hair Blonde | Eyes Green
Style: Contemporary 

Nathalie’s love for the stage is like an internal fire that seems to find new power in every chapter of her life. Dance is and always will be her ‘’go-to place’’. With a bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts in the pocket, she has already worked across the globe as a contemporary dancer and choreographer. Nathalie has been a part of the Models at Work family for many years now. Working as a dancer, choreographer and model throughout the years, she stole the hearts of many of our clients, as well as ours. Nathalie knows how to lighten the room with her bright and energetic personality. We have come to know her as a warm, kind and loving young woman with amazing talent and a great work ethic. At the moment Nathalie works as a personal development coach, using dance and movement as important tools to help her clients build bridges between their cognitive perception (mind) and the physical translation (body) which she combines with working as a dance instructor and doing casting assignments.