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Meet Olivia

Height 1.75 | Bust 80 | Waist 65 | Hips 92 | Size 34 | Hair Blond | Eyes Blue

Bubbly, kind, gentle, down to earth and eager to learn new stuff! Olivia recently joined the Models at Work family and definitely made a good impression on our team. She started with her modelling career at a young age and still loves to stand in front of the camera. Besides modelling, Olivia is also contestant in TV program ‘Op weg naar Cannes’. Olivia’s guilty pleasure? She often spends an afternoon at the Action. Her mind completely eases there. Usually she doesn’t even buy anything, but every now and then she succumbs. Because well, who wouldn’t want a flamingo teapot? Good to know; Olivia knows how to play the piano and knows how to rollerblade.