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Meet Pablo

Height 1.92 | Bust 106 | Waist 78 | Hips 96 | Size 48 | Brown | Eyes Green

Pablo loves to be surrounded by the elements of nature. Catching the waves on his surfboard or running with the wind on his motorbike is when he feels truly free. Driven by his roots he decided to live on the beautiful island Bali for a while, a place where he instantly felt at home and where part of his family is from. During his time in Bali he got ‘infected’ with the travel bug and when it’s possible again he would love to explore all of the beauty the world has to offer. In his free time Pablo also enjoys photographing and drawing tattoo art. Pablo started for our Hospitality Division and recently joined our casting division. We have come to know him as confident, spontaneous, easy going and fun to be around and would definitely recommend Pablo based on looks as well as his personality!