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Meet Ricky

Height 1.72 | Bust 00 | Waist 00 | Hips 00 | Size 46 | Hair Brown | Eyes Brown/Green
Style: Contemporary 

This multitalent from Rotterdam is a true performer at heart. Ricky has been studying dance and theater for several years now and feels most at home on stage. He’s currently studying Urban Contemporary Dance at the Academy of Arts in Amsterdam and is doing an internship at Conny Janssen Dances. He already has a degree in Theater Performance, so besides dancing, Ricky also knows how to act, sing and perform and also loves to write his own songs ¬†(singer-songwriter style).¬† He believes it’s important as an artist/performer to bring your most authentic self to the table and that’s what he always aims to achieve. His closest friends and family play an important role in getting the inspiration to create his own art and vision. Good to know; Ricky speaks Dutch and English fluently.