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Meet Ruben

Height 1.87 | Bust 97 | Waist 79 | Hips 95 | Size 48 | Hair Brown | Eyes Blue

Meet our handsome and down-to-earth model Ruben! Ruben is a great asset to have on set as he’s got the looks, the charisma, the experience and best work ethic you could wish for. His friends would describe Ruben as loyal, energetic, empathetic, someone that always stays true to himself and definitely as a creative soul. Ruben has his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and at the moment he’s working hard to get his degree in Product Design. In his spare time he loves to create as well, for example turning his sneakers into unique masterpieces. Music and sports also play an important role in his life, as well as family and friends. His ultimate guilty pleasure? A sandwich with peanut butter and ‘hagelslag’ (look it up, it’s a Dutch thing). Seriously, it’s an instant mood booster.