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Meet Saskia

Height 1.79 | Bust 84 | Waist 70 | Hips 98 | Size 36 | Hair Blonde | Eyes Blue/Grey

This smart and independent young woman has a strong moral compass. Saskia strongly believes it’s in our own hands to create a better world for all. If she had the chance to make a change, it would be to fight poverty as this is one of the most difficult issues to actually solve. Secondly, she would abolish legal gun ownership. Saskia is a total history buff. She reads a new book every week and loves discussing history in relation to how the world is now. Her friends would call her secretly crazy, in a fun way of course, but also true to herself and always there for her friends and family. Saskia has been privileged to visit several beautiful countries and secretly dreams of buying a house in Colombia one day. Saskia has proved herself to be a valuable member of the Models at Work community. Many clients are lyrical about her personality and work ethic and really love to work with her. And so do we!