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Meet Sixtine

Height 1.74 | Bust 81 | Waist 74 | Hips 95 | Size 38 | Hair Brown | Eyes Brown
Style: Contemporary, En Pointe

Sixtine is a ridiculously talented ballerina who’s very skilled En Pointe. This ambitious and passionate young woman from France got her bachelor’s degree at the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon. After doing an internship at project Sally in Maastricht, Sixtine decided to stay in the Netherlands to pursue her career as a professional dancer here. Being physically challenged and pushing her limits is something she appreciated at a young age and this is what drove her to become a professional dancer. With time came a new relationship with dance and she learned to love the feeling of moving her body more than the result of her work. Sixtine believes it’s really important to be playful about life. People with different ideas and perceptions are inspiring to her. She thinks everyone has a weird, crazy side that they should embrace as it gives the world more colour. Something weird about Sixtine? She really loves it when her friends let her dye their hair. Good to know; Sixtine speaks French and English fluently and Spanish on a moderate level.