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Meet Taylie

Height 1.64 | Bust 82 | Waist 64 | Hips 89 | Size 34 | Hair Brown/Blond | Eyes Brown

A beautiful young woman who isn’t afraid to pursue her dreams; meet Taylie! Taylie is always interested in other people’s life story and is working hard at making her own a memorable one. She has a master’s degree in Neuropsychology and dreams of having her own wellness centre within five years that offers Ayurvedic massages and workshops in yoga, tai chi and meditation. In the mean time she still loves modelling and taking on (small) acting roles. Taylie believes that the world should be ruled from a place of love instead of leading from fear, hate and ego and thinks the emphasis should be put on the similarities rather than the differences between people. It’s not for nothing that her friends would describe her as an honest, understanding and as a good listener. Good to know; Taylie speaks Dutch, English and Chinese fluently.