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Meet Tevin

Height 1.83 | Bust 93 | Waist 76 | Hips 94 | Size 50 | Dark Brown | Eyes Brown

Humorous, creative, social, outgoing, flexible and enthusiastic: that is how we have gotten to know Tevin. Tevin has a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Multimedia design and works as a freelance webdesigner and programmer. Creativity is a huge part of his life and in his spare time he loves to make 3D artwork and he’s also into Manga. That’s also one of the reasons he still loves to work for us. Tevin started at our Hospitality Division and soon became a favourite with many of our clients, such as Vogue and De Bijenkorf. He’s recently started working for our casting department as well. Besides his love for creativity he also enjoys martial arts and has experience in Judo, Boxing and Kendo. Good to know; Tevin speaks Dutch, English and Surinamese fluently.