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Meet Tim

Height 1.90 | Bust 91 | Waist 77 | Hips 92 | Size 48 | Hair Brown | Eyes Blue

Tim is a true sports fanatic and he’s probably the most handsome Karate Kid you’ll ever meet. He started doing karate when he was a little guy and won the gold medal in 2014 during the Dutch championships. After that, he had the honour of representing the Netherlands all throughout Europe. Besides karate, he’s also into soccer and tennis. When he’s not exercising, you’ll probably find him watching sports. When Tim was little he dreamt of becoming a pilot on a Boeing 747. He traded this dream for his current studies; Liberal Arts and Sciences. He hopes to contribute to making the world just a little bit better some day. Tim has a couple of years experience with modelling, as it is a great job to combine with his sports and studies. Tim is a hard-working and friendly guy who knows how to work the camera- one of the many reasons our clients love to work with him. Good to know; besides Dutch and English Tim also speaks German.