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Meet Timo

Height 1.85 | Bust 105 | Waist 84 | Hips 99 | Size 50 | Hair Brown | Eyes Blue

Timo is a seasoned creative professional with a great range of talents. He’s an experienced model and actor, but also works as agraphic designer, photo- and videographer and is co-creator of the brand ‘Kiss of Cacao’, a vegan brownie made of ceremonial cacao. Timo is compassionate, empathetic and open and has great work ethics. He’s also someone who cares greatly about the people around him and the world we live in. He wants to do his part and therefore follows a vegan lifestyle, stands up against institutional discrimination and encourages people to look inward and be honest with themselves and each other. Good to know: Timo has a degree in Applied Psychology, speaks Dutch and English fluently and can imitate accents if requested.