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Meet Willeke

Height 1.77 | Bust 83 | Waist 60 | Hips 90 | Size 34 | Hair Blond | Eyes Blue/Green

Willeke is an energetic young woman who moved to Amsterdam a couple years ago to study Educational Science. Thinking about the human brain and the psychology behind our actions fascinates her greatly and this fascination was also one of the reasons she chose the ‘Brains and Mind’ minor. She finds it intriguing to learn about what moves people and which underlying processes in the brain cause this. In her spare time Willeke still loves to model as it’s a great way to keep balance in her life. Willeke is loved by many, among other things because of her positive spirit and she doesn’t need much to get into hysterical fits of laughter. Willeke is always up for exploring the city with her friends and has great interest in interaction with others and how to motivate them, hence her study. Fun fact; Willeke has an obsession for everything tiny. Not only the ‘regular cute stuff’, like a baby or a kitten. Even a small tree can bring her instant joy. So when feeling a bit low, she just watches small stuff as an instant mood booster. Good to know; Willeke excels at playing the piano, especially compositions of Mozart.